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Since the power of life and death resides in the tongue, it’s wise to use our gift of speech to speak into our lives that which we expect and desire to happen.

This month’s theme for Boost In Your Bathrobe (read the description here…) is Prosperity; these affirmations are created to powerfully attract a new level of prosperity, and to open to supernatural abundance, which is beyond human thinking or understanding.

Remember that affirmations are useless without the accompanying energy, belief system and frequency required to make them highly effective. You can’t entertain lack/limitation thinking and expect a change just because you spoke an affirmation or two today.

There’s more to it than that. There are three factors that make affirmations powerfully effective:

  • The accompanying energy. How are you speaking the affirmation? Do you speak it with conviction? Do you hold an energy of joy and expectancy while you’re speaking the words with power? What’s your intention?
  • Your belief system. Your beliefs manifest. Period. There’s no getting around that. Our beliefs are the most attractive, magnetic force in our lives. Whatever you believe, happens. What do you believe about what you are speaking?
  • Frequency. How often do you speak your affirmations in relation to how much time you spend worrying about the problem that the affirmation is supposed to solve? You need to tip the scales to 51% (51% or more of your energy/time/attention/focus on what you desire and 49% or less of your energy/time/attention/focus on what you’re trying to get rid of). Once you cross the 51% threshold, you’ll see changes in your outer world.

Keep these ideas in mind as you enjoy and speak your affirmations with the energy that turns them into reality!

Here they are:

50 Affirmations To Create Supernatural Abundance & Prosperity:

1. I am infinitely blessed and I am an infinite blessing!

2. Thousand dollar bills are right now bulging out of my mattress!

3. My wallet is stuffed with hundred dollar bills!

4. I am abundant life!

5. I see abundance everywhere I turn and especially in the mirror!

6. Money rains down on me from new and unexpected sources every day!

7. My mailbox is a check receptacle!

8. Cash comes to me easily and divinely!

9. I am attracting more money than I ever dreamed of!

10. Thank you for abundance; I know just what to do with it!

11. I gift freely and generously, which makes room for more and more prosperity!

12. I am prosperous life in human form!

13. I am planted in a garden of prosperity–where every good thing grows!

14. I am always richly supplied with every perfect present!

15. I am becoming richer and richer every day!

16. I am thankful for all the riches that show up in my life unannounced!

17. I am grateful for the rich life I live!

18. I am grateful for the bountiful blessings I receive each and every day!

19. I am inviting wealth and abundance into my business now!

20. I am experiencing the power of prosperity in all I touch now!

21. I am deeply grateful for a thriving lifestyle and business now!

22. I am richly blessed in every good work and I bring enormous good to the planet!

23. I am pleasantly stunned by the enormity of the blessings of abundance I receive now!

24. My bank accounts now overflow with the abundant blessings of the universe!

25. Checks that are made out to me exponentially expand now!

26. More and more checks come my way every day and they all have commas in them!

27. I am a wise and masterful steward over all my resources!

28. I am a divine tool–here to honor my brother and sister with my valuable resources!

29. Opportunities for growth and expansion come to me now, easily and elegantly!

30. I am relaxed and confident in all my money matters!

31. I am aware of the blessings that flow to me now and I give deep and heartfelt gratitude for them all!

32. I am a money magnet!

33. I am a prosperity magnet!

34. Everything I touch succeeds in its own divine way and in its own divine timing!

35. I trust!

36. I know!

37. I am that I am!

38. I am abundant life, harmony and truth!

39. I am covered with a jeweled blanket of riches!

40. I am sustained by the abundance of Spirit!

41. I am deeply rooted in pure prosperity and I am freely watered by the Holy Spirit!

42. I am a tree planted by streams of life giving water and my fruit is plentiful!

43. I am living my life in the overflow of grace, abundance and magnificence!

44. I am now investing wisely, prudently and profitably!

45. My investment accounts are growing by leaps and bounds!

46. I am a magnet for vibrant health,  wealth and long life!

47. Money comes to me now in copious amounts and I am thankful!

48. I am fruitful always and in all ways!

49. I am in the divine pathway for multiple blessings!

50. I am open to receive an infinite flow of divine good, divine love, divine peace, divine joy and divine abundance!

And so it is!

Use these often and enjoy the fruits of your work!

Rich blessings!

Minister Val

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14 thoughts on “50 Affirmations for Supernatural Abundance & Prosperity

  • Doris


  • Asha

    Thank you do much for these powerful affirmations. I came across one of your videos on FB which lead me to view many more videos because your spirit spoke truth that resonated deeply within me. Love and honor to you for you living your authentic life and helping me “get out the broom closet”



  • Dawn Wondergem

    Thank you for the affirmations and you beautiful website and you tube page Rev. Val I found your youtube a while ago…liked it but went on my way .. well spirit has brought me to you again and omg the scales have been removed from my eyes..
    love ya blessings

  • michael trophy-health

    thank you very much for these nice affirmations, this is an important point in achieving the goals and the abundant abundance also I explain in my blog that you should do to empower your affirmations greetings

  • Wanda

    Hi Valerie,
    Thank you so much for taking your time to write these amazing affirmations. I have been advised today to use affirmations to help build my acupuncture practice and found you! what a blessing! You are beautiful too.
    Much love and blessings

  • Steve Kull

    Gal 3 tell us we are free from the curse and receive the blessing of Abraham by faith. Not works. We inherit abundance by faith, through grace. God is able to make all grace abound toward us by the rhema living word of faith, strong faith. The affirmations build our faith, they renew our spirit to receive God’s blessing by grace through faith. This is what we sow and reap. This is what God multiplies 100 fold. We believe in our heart that God raised Jesus from the dead and confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord by faith we receive His grace of salvation, the blessing of Abraham Gal 3:14 through Christ and the promise of the Holy Spirit. By Jesus stripes we are healed. I am safe, saved, well, healed, let no man say that they made me rich. Like Abraham, supernatural wealth comes from God’s grace to those who believe God. He counts this as righteousness. This abundance we give and invest in God’s kingdom, builing up the saints in their most Holy Faith, to receive even greater abundance by God’s grace. If you work for it, it’s not by grace. People try to work for salvation but receive condemnation. You can’t earn salvation and you can’t earn God’s blessing and promise, you receive it as a gift from God. Who told you, you had to work for god’s blessing, for your money? Not the Bible. Grace plus works makes grace of no effect. Build your faith to receive more of God’s gift of grace. Sow seeds of faith in your heart and reap God’s blessings. By faith through grace in Christ you are safe, well, rich, to the glory of God the Father. You can take it with you when you die. Store up your riches in heaven, in your account, on earth as it is in heaven, glory glory glory in the strong name of Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit worship and serve the Lord your God.

  • Katherine Harold

    Yes, thanks for posting this info and Robb I agree with you. Prayer alone will not bring your good and prosperity to fruition. It takes action of wisdom and faith that it is yours, faith that it can be so!
    We were born into prosperity just by the nature of being joint heirs to all of the things of Gods Kingdom. We are held accountable each and every day for our choices; our choices mirror themselves in our life both outward and inward. Choose today to affirm your prosperity, make choices of wisdom with your monies, share the wealth and give God glory of thank you God and watch your pockets bulge, your business bloom and your light shine.

    Peace and Love


  • Robb Thompson

    Thanks for posting this info!

    I believe our financial independence relies solely upon our own actions. I’m sure you realize that it doesn’t happen by wasting time or even by spending endless hours in dedicated prayer. Financial freedom is the result of thorough planning, careful investment, effectual problem solving, and wise choices.

    In taking a quick glance around at the people we know, why do we see so many who are believe they are not going to be held accountable for their choices? Why do they subconsciously think they will harvest something other than what they have planted? A warped mentality like this subtly promotes mediocrity and underachievement. Some individuals even believe that failure is their destiny and there is nothing they can do about it! They have yet to realize one important truth: Success and failure are not destinations; their choices are the paths that lead to them. That’s why positive affirmations are so important because you will become what you think about most of the time.

    I appreciate you taking the time to give others affirmations to practice. That’s very helpful.