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I need guidance. I could do it all on my own, however, I’ve tried that approach and well, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

I know I need guidance. So I’ve chosen to remember my spiritual umbilical cord…

An umbilical cord sustains life. I am sustained by the Love of God.

An umbilical cord delivers nutrients. I am fed by the Love of God.

An umbilical cord carries away waste. I am cleansed, cleared and made holy by the Love of God.

An umbilical cord is long and flexible. Any way I turn, and no matter how far I stray, God’s guidance is right here, attached to my belly.

The beauty of the spiritual umbilical cord is that it’s never severed, nor could it be. Even if we choose not to draw on the life-sustaining, life-nurturing, cleansing Love of God, it is always at our disposal, right here, waiting for us to simply turn in and tap in.

We’ve never been cut off.

Some of us don’t know this, so we’re still screaming frantically like a newborn who’s just been expelled from its warm, cozy den of several months into a strikingly cold and brightly lit world, mad as hell that things can’t still be the way they’ve been, not realizing that the sudden thrust into a new level of living–and the temporary pain that accompanies the move–is beneficial and the most natural thing in the world.

It’s natural to grow, to be sustained in a nurturing environment and then to be uncomfortably pushed by the Universe out of our cozy little dens.

Life pushes onward and upward. The same life that pushed you out of the womb is now pushing you onward and upward. When you are in pain, treat it as birth pangs, which descend upon both the mother and the baby being birthed.

We can have growth and birth without pain, but that’s a lesson many of us haven’t yet fully mastered.

For now, turn in and tap in to that beautiful spiritual umbilical cord that’s still in place, pulsing with life-sustaining Love.

Be very blessed today,
Valerie Love

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4 thoughts on “Spiritual Umbilical Cord

  • Manna

    Thanks Pat for your explanation; I was confused with Val article. Jesus-Christ is really our spiritual umbilical cord, we were all lost through Adam but Jesus-Christ is the bridge that links us to God our Heavenly Father. We are cleansed and sanctified by the blood of Jesus. We have peace and the love of God Through Jesus

  • Pat

    Jesus IS our spiritual umbilical cord. He died to reconnect us with the Father, our Source. That implies that, even though God had His redeeming plan all set up from the beginning, we really WERE cut off from Him because we were in our sins. The Old Testament Israelites could only cover their sins temporarily with sacrifices. They could not wash them away. It is the Blood of Jesus alone that enabled the washing away of our sins, as well as the cleansing and the sanctifying of our bodies to be prepared for the Holy Spirit to dwell in us, for God to feed us spiritually. To claim that we were never cut off is incorrect. Our disconnect caused by Adam’s sin was the very reason why Jesus had to come to earth and save us. And still today, only those who believe in the Gospel of Jesus can be reconnected with their divine Source, Father God. Jesus is the Mediator, the One who managed to bridge the immense gap between God and man. Praised be the Name of Jesus! Amen.

  • Val Post author

    Hi Bernard,

    The spiritual umbilical cord is an energetic connection to the Divine. It means that we are each and all connected to Spirit through a life-giving, life-sustaining bond that is unbreakable, and can never be severed. It is the energetic and invisible lifeline to our Creator.

    Here’s an interesting article I found that speaks to it as well: http://peachneitherherenorthere.blogspot.com/2008/03/my-spiritual-umbilical-cord.html

    Blessings and thanx for the question!

  • Bernard

    Greetings, i would like to know more about your spiritual umbilical cord, can you expound a bit on this topic or probably refer me to other cites or reading material so as to gain a greater understanding? Much thanks.