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I never felt like I quite fit in when I was growing up.

I had big feet, skinny legs and nagging low self-esteem.

And I was weird.

I barely spoke.

I saw things it seemed like other people couldn’t (or didn’t) see, people from the other side and spirits. I felt things I couldn’t explain. I knew things without knowing how I knew them.

Since my mom was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, all that was taboo. The party line was that if you see anything, it has to be demonic because Angels don’t show themselves anymore after the Bible was finished being written.

That story didn’t settle well in my spirit. Even when I was little.

I grew up not celebrating birthdays or holidays (from the age of 4) and sitting outside my classrooms while kids inside ate cake and ice cream.

To this day, I consciously choose to check my tendency to think I’m on the outside and everybody else is on the inside having fun.

At 30 I had a debilitating depression.

My life was falling apart.

Everything in it was caving in on me.

I had gotten married at 23 and had my first baby at 26 and my second child when I was 29. Part of the depression could have been post-partum. I think the only reason that baby survived was because I was breast-feeding. There was no way I could’ve made bottles.

So there I lay, in the bed, with the baby, day after day, night after night, doing almost nothing. My house looked a wreck and so did I. My husband must have wondered what in hell was wrong with me.

One day, I heard The Voice say “GET UP”.

I did.

I shot straight up in bed and got up.

Then The Voice said “GO OUTSIDE”.

What?!?!? You gotta be kiddin’ me! I can barely get in the shower and dressed, how am I supposed to go outside?!?!?!?

I did it anyway.

I got up, got dressed, went downstairs and swung the front door open.

It was like Count Dracula popping out the coffin. I thought the sun was going to toast my butt.

The Voice said “BREATHE”.

I thought I was already breathing. Apparently I was not.

I breathed deeper. Something in me woke up.

The Voice said “WALK”.

I put one foot in front of the other and started walking.

The Voice said “LOOK UP”.

I looked up at the big bright beautiful blue sky. This was what I had been missing. Later I found out that looking up while walking outside can lift depression.

I felt better. I was coming alive again.

That was 20 years ago as of this writing. I still walk outside almost every day.

The Voice knew what to do to save my life, because a few days before I had eyed a bottle of 800 mg pain killers they had given me after having the baby and wondered how many it would take for me to take a nap and never wake up.

The depression came from not living my authentic life. I was slowly dying under the weight of doing what everybody else told me to do.

I was a nice girl.

I did what my mother told me to do.

I did what my religion told me to do.

I did what the elders of my religion told me to do.

And when it was all said and done, I looked up and had a life of unconscious creation.

Whose life is this?!?!? I kept asking. It was mine, but it wasn’t mine by design because hardly any of it was what I wanted.

So I made the decision to let go of what didn’t fit any more. The husband. The house. The religion. I changed almost everything in my life. I went on a furious search for truth. I ditched everything I had been taught and started from scratch, with ONE tender morsel from my deconstructed house of beliefs:

God is love.

That’s it.

That’s all I had to go on. And it was more than enough. I let that simple little Truth carry me through the next few years on a trek to slowly find myself.

I’m not saying the journey is over. Nope. It’s in full swing.

As I write this, I’m 50 years young, doing what I love, in a life I mostly love, with people I love.

Most of all, my knowing that God is love expresses in my life every day. YUM!

Along the way I discovered, no, I remembered I am a Witch. I was born a Witch, so it wasn’t actually so much a discovery as it was a remembrance. It took me decades to make peace with myself.

I’m writing this to share my story with the intention and prayer that it will inspire you… to LIVE, to LOVE to make a difference and to share your unique journey so the rest of us can learn and grow.

I love you.


Rev. Valerie Shona Ife Love

The ‘formal’ bio:

Rev. Valerie Love is an ordained interfaith minister of spiritual consciousness, on a Soul mission as a catalyst for transformation through the power of love.

She is an Intuitive Advisor, Inspirational Speaker, Author of 9 books on practical spirituality and the founding minister of Boost Worldwide Love, a community in the New Thought/Ancient Wisdom tradition.

As a seeker and teacher of Truth, Rev. Valerie teaches spiritual law and principle as reflected in the life and teachings of the Christ, a metaphysical understanding of the Bible and the wisdom of A Course In Miracles. Affectionately known as the Divine Midwife, Valerie Love is here to support the birth of a new consciousness on the planet.

As a Destiny Coach & Abundant Living Enthusiast, she is passionate about supporting clients in living the God Brilliance & Greatness each one is. Her path of discovery has led her from 26 years as  a Jehovah’s Witness to the study of Kabbalah, Magick and Spiritism with a focus on the Tarot as a tool for transformation, contemplation, meditation, inspiration and personal and spiritual development.

With an intention to live and teach the magickal life of conscious oneness with Spirit, she is a founding member of Destiny Diva’s, a membership organization of women helping women live on PURPOSE, with PASSION, POWER and in PROSPERITY through COACHING, COMMUNITY & CAMRADERIE.

Valerie Love’s specialty is teaching how to apply universal law and principle to money matters to create and manifest a rich life of abundant prosperity. Her background in the financial services industry, her 20 plus years as an entrepreneur and her love of learning and exploring the deeper mysteries of life and love integrate into a holistic and practical approach to money and wealth.

After 7 years of advising clients as a financial planner with American Express, Valerie Love sold her financial planning practice in August of 2004 to pursue her dream and passion of writing and being an inspirational speaker.

Since then, she’s completed the writing of nine books — the first was published in November 2007, the inspirational, non-fiction, best-selling book titled: God Speaks to Me — Stories of Triumph Over Tragedy from Women Who Listened to God. Her second book, Pray — 30 Prayers For The Universal Soul was published in October, 2008 and her third work, God Is In Love With You, was published in August 2009. Her fourth book Arcturus — Messages From B.E.Y.O.N.D. is a channeled work on life and love, and Soulgasm — Daily Meditations to Co-create & Manifest a Bliss-filled Life!

Valerie’s riveting speaking style captivates audiences while conveying her empowering story of  personal unfolding victory and the ultimate truth that each Soul is on a journey, a journey of love.

Rev. Val loves to bellydance, travel, spend hours reading books on Tarot and spiritual development, practice hot yoga, walk in the park and make frequent trips to the beach to hear from the heart and soul of the ocean.

She has 3 children and lives in the Maryland/DC metro area.

To contact Valerie Love for speaking engagements, media appearances, workshops, retreats or coaching:


Phone: (801) 871-LOVE

Skype: vallove1111

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49 thoughts on “REV. VALERIE LOVE

  • rabbi ann worship

    Thank you for your videos I am wiccan and also a reverend of logic. I teach reconciliation to those who choose to know the path that was foreordained. The prayer “God Almighty forgive me for adultery, fornication, covertness, blasphemy, murder, lying in the name of Jesus amen” is the prayer to first unveiling your self and being set free from all that stands in the way of you truly being left out of the realms work and answer keys to life endevours once we are unveiled then God Almighty and those whom He has anointed of whom we can not see will then stand and observe us to see If we are being true or if we are just living and repeating those things that are not for the righteous life. He we seat waiting for truth aiming high places we seek to learn may it be the wisdom that was to be given me and may it be given to me the keys to the knowledge tree in the name of Jesus I pray amen!!

  • barb

    Yes , I get it..certainly get the end of your excellent “scary to be a witch” I was jumping up & down & dancing, whoo hooo!!! amen sista.. lol..keep up the beautiful spiritual the way, you mentioned sedona…as you can see that is my email (for about 18 yrs) because of the wonderful experiences there..Thankyou for being you..I love your soul…Blessings.

  • Laetitia

    Hi Val,

    Just want to say LOVE your work! Love you! Youre amazing and go crazy for your UTube Vids. So awesome to see another Christian Kabbalist Witch making it and inspiring others. So few people have the guts to go out there and teach the Truth, my the Angels, Gods, all bless you exceedingly sister, may your work make good. I believe you were sent to earth for that very reason!

    May the Universe Bless You!

  • glennis byron

    Hello Ms Love I’m at cross path in my life. A brief summary of my life that led me here I recently was laid off my job and began to turn bitter I would sit in my car for hours at this park mad and depressed asking God why, why can’t I have the life I want well one particular day I asked that same question and inside me I heard study your mind. I went the next day and started searching finding information on the sub conscious and the conscious mind and the powers we have to create our own life energy the universe and so on then I stumbled across your videos on YouTube. What was so different about you was your teachings of other mysterious things it kinda bothered me but at the same time intrigued me I have never heard of a Christian witch lol but you speak from love it draws me . I wanted to know do you provide one on one readings and coaching

  • Nijah Fowlkes

    Born in Richmond, Virginia on September 20, 1990, I was tested by 18 doctors to see if I was deaf, only to be selectively mute. I did not start talking correctly until 5, which my first words were, “I want McDonald’s.” At 6, I became the Class Vocalist and Class Clown while diagnosed as Autistic. At 7, I secretly learned how to dance. At age 8, I learned how to Beat-box after playing with the socket with a Bobbie pin. From December 11, 2000 to August 23, 2004, I was molested by three boys at a church/child care center while from September 1, 1999 to August 23, 2004, I was physically and emotionally abused by the age-group teachers at the same place. The young kids called me, “faggot,” “boy,” “butch,” “dyke,” [for having a deep voice as a girl] “Mixed Girl With Divorced Parents,” [because I’m a light-skinned Black female and was born out of wedlock] “lesbian,” and, “retarded,” [because of my Autism] while the age-group teachers called me, “good-for-nothing,” “Devil’s daughter,” “Demon child,” “spoiled brat,” “stubborn girl,” “lazy,” and a, “spiritual adulteress”. From age 12 to 15, I was suicidal by cutting myself, attempted to poison myself with Advil Liquid Gels and Fish Oils due to being bullied by a group of fake Bloods first, then raped again at my old high school, this time, by a stranger. (Pauses, then exhales.) My former group, “Will Griffin [my former choir director/rival] and the Young Voices of Virginia”. I was in that group from 10 to 19 [while at my high school alumni’s corrupt marching band]. Will Griffin [Front, Center] threw shoes at us [if we did the wrong step, were late, sung the wrong lyric and/or note], made us run around Battery Park and charged us $0.25. This was when I was at the Gaylord Opera Hotel [in Nashville] for a Gospel Event. Wasn’t in this picture because I wanted to hang out, go shopping and play video games, but instead, I rehearsed with them [even at Dave & Buster’s when we almost got kicked out]. My choir director drank, but told us not to drink anything other than water before we sang. I did, however, learn how to sign checks, read forms and stuff at 11, so by the time I was 17, going on 18, I waited for the time to break away from them. By 19, I went to Junior College and had the opportunity to go dance-battle at a nightclub [not a stripper, though] before going to a mega-church and seeing a Black Gospel play. When I went there, I smelled the odor of urine and flesh, scratched my skin like I had the measles, twitched like Smokey on Angel Dust and drank water very fast. The announcer, at the end of the play, boomed, “If any of you have been through or know somebody doing these things, in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, come forth now!” Immediately, I walked with my head bowed in flats, dress pants and a white blouse, hearing the sound of people clapping as they wear casual street gear. The man then laid his hand on top of me, tried to push me, but I didn’t fall. They told me to write all of my data on a piece of loose-leaf paper and stand with the cast. A lady in the play [who stood out in my mind] wore a shimmering gold top, braless and belly out, black capris with laces on and 6-inch heels changed into a T-shirt [still braless], skipping toward me and whispered in my ear. We chatted, exchanged numbers and that was where the conflict began. Those actors in the play hated my professors- my Reading Teacher [for having me interested in “Odd Thomas”], Public Speaking teacher [for talking about mating] and my History Teacher [for having us watch “Gangs of New York”]; my classmates, however, they hated also for wearing tats, piercings, gold teeth, du-rags and giving me dap. The only things they were happy about were that I made prayer requests and maxed out my credit cards. Now, my 1st ex [who cheated on me after going to that mega-church with 20 women and 8 trannies] and his mistress said that it was built on top of dead slaves at a plantation and smokehouse to butcher them. While that went on, my 2nd church claimed to like me when I saw a clock ticking and stopping by itself, a man’s voice [on the day before my 20th Birthday, while everyone else was quiet] screamed and cursed at me, I almost got arrested [twice] by a crooked cop’s son, etc. By my Right Hand of Fellowship, I then saw a man in red, white and black trip me up with his cane, plopping me to the chair. I then sat at the table and saw a woman with nine colors, a boy and a girl who look alike, a man with an axe, a lady with a fan, a woman in black and purple, a man in green and yellow, another man with a bow, a woman in blue, white and turquoise, a lady in pink with one ear, a man with a machete, a man in all red, a snake man with the rainbow around him, but out of all of them, there was a bald man with white eyes, skin literally of white paint, circular facial goatee, kind of muscular and had a white cloth around his waist. The man told me that I must confess to everything I did toward their children and be sorry while turning from my ways or else I will remain in the ground. On that day, two fake evangelists were stalking me and one of them was texting. As a result, I told other folks of my situation and out of everyone, a Santero/Palo who is Eleggua’s son [way before I knew who the Orishas were] told me over the phone, “Nobody knows when we’re born, nor when we die. There are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason.” He then told me, “You’ve been through too much. Don’t cry no more.” I kept crying and lifting up my hands. Then, he asked, “Someone did something to you. Who did it?” I then told him of my childhood and he asked, “Tell me, who did it! What have they done?” Told him again what happened and he asked the same question a third time and I replied, “A lady friend of mine took me to a mega-church built on top of a plantation and smokehouse.” He boomed, “No!” I then added, “The preacher at my lady friend’s church tried to put a plus sign of dead people’s soot on my forehead to bless me, but I refused.” He then hollered, “No!” The man then said, “When you go to sleep, you will meet a man named White Cloud. Tell him everything.” I went to sleep and saw that same man in white. He and I chatted, we drank water, sat by a river, then he ate snails. It wasn’t until 2013 that I found out White Cloud’s real name- Obatala. Reading up on who the Orishas were, I decided that the only revenge was to confess what I did. To this day, Obatala and I are around each other and I regret what I did.

  • Treasure

    Dear Val
    I grew up in a southern christian household in New Orleans. Ever since i was little I always felt a draw towards voodoo. Ever since i heard about it I always had a desire to look more deeper into it. Whenever I asked the relative that i stayed with at the time about it she would say that it’s of the devil this that and the other. So i would drop the topic. But I could never forget about it. Fast forward some years I was in college and I was told by my best friends aunt who is a palm-reader that my grandmother passed voodoo down to me and wants me to pick it up. I also found out from my best friends aunt that I am an empath. So over time I started looking into Wicca magic and anything esoteric that i could get my hands on.
    Over time I also learned that I am a very skilled tarot card reader . What I mean by that is its almost as if the interpretations come natural to me. But I am conflicted inside about whether i should continue the practice or not. Because of the verse in Deuteronomy.
    Yes I feel a really strong draw and pull towards the voodoo practice. But at the same time I do not want to do anything that would harm my chances of getting into heaven. I have did all the studying on Voodoo that i could. I was also able to dispel some things that they think about voodoo.

    So what is your opinion on the matter? Because like you i still believe in god i still believe and Jesus and that will never change.I would really appreciate your advice on the matter.

      • Val Post author

        Hi Love,

        Thank you for writing. I appreciate your willingness to share your journey and to seek answers.

        The message at Deuteronomy came up a lot on my Youtube channel, so I did a video on it, to teach what came forward for me as I meditated on that chapter. I’ve posted the link below. View it and let me know what comes to you intuitively.

        You can watch it here:

        God bless & much love,

  • Tammy Walker

    Hi, Valerie, I happened to have some how come across your videos on You Tube. Really appreciate the valuable information. Would like to know more about your club and more info on how I can be Wealthy.
    Love, Tammy

  • Larry

    I just got finished watching a bunch of your videos, and I was watching one wear you were showing one of your altars. In it you had a dedication to Yemaya. As a Christian witch (and I ask this as a legitimate question, rather than a criticism), how can you invoke another deity into your work? The reason I ask this, is because I myself have felt drawn to the god Cernunnos, and want to learn more about him, but that curiosity is still conflicting with my Christian upbringing.

    • Val Post author

      Excellent question, thank you for watching on Youtube, visiting the blog and for asking your question… it shows you are a seeker.

      For me, there is One ultimate Power, we call this Power GOD. Some call this Power God/Goddess/I AM. Some call this Power Allah, or Jehovah, or Jah. Irrespective of names, there is ONE POWER.

      This ONE POWER has many attributes, JOY, FREEDOM, PROSPERITY, CREATIVITY, ABUNDANCE, and so many more. We seek to understand this ONE POWER, yet we cannot, because the ONE POWER is beyond comprehension. So we’ve devised stories, myths and legends that speak to aspects of the ONE POWER, such as the ocean, the birthplace of all. The ocean is not God. The ocean is created by God. God expresses as the ocean. We have a Goddess, Yemaya, who for me, represents an aspect of the ONE POWER that is the Mother aspect, and signifies nurturing life, sustaining life and creating life. I often go to the ocean and converse with Yemaya. When I converse withe Yemaya, or acknowledge her on my altar, I am paying homage to the ONE POWER that is expressed as the great ocean mother.

      Yemaya, Isis, Christ, Oshun, Kuan Yin, St. Germain are all aspects of the ONE POWER, not separate competing entities. There is no aspect of God that is not in harmony with God. God is not divided against Itself. It is ONE, and all are in the ONE.

      Praying this answers the question and is helpful. If more is required, let me know…

      With immense love,
      Rev. Val

  • Bro. Minister 8-Ball

    Thank You for the free Google webcast about self-publishing. I have already opened my FreeConferenceCall account and plan to utilize for more than having my book(s) transcribed. Asante sana for your work:-)

    • Val Post author

      Excellent! Glad to hear it. The strategy works like a charm, I did it with my eBook How To Manifest Money Doing What You Love and I never typed a word. Fast and easy.

      God bless,


    Bless You ! Bless You ! Bless You ! This is the Rev. LoveAll One day I ask myself a question who Im I and what Im I here to do on this plane. I took a journey after meditation/during this moment of piece with self. then I went onto the device used by people who reach out (computer). Are you a recovering addict, not that it matters but just a question,yes or no.

      • Curtrice

        Hey, Valerie,
        I am a 45 year old female who found one of your videos on facebook a few days ago – forget what I was looking for! But, I’m verrry glad I found you! I can’t watch many of them as I’d like cuz I have only my iPhone for my internet connection at the moment. I have a few things, with one being something “BIG” in common with you… Growing up, I was also interested in the metaphysical and have actually had a few times in my life when I’ve felt in contact with the spiritual world. I COULD ACTUALLY WRITE A BOOK on my life, but, can’t seem to find the time to do so. You see? I was a 6&1/2 month preemie who weighed 3 lbs, 3 oz, and, lost down to 2 lbs, 10 at the time I was born. I constantly had allergies and colds while growing up because of my being premature. And at the age of ten, I had the illness called Reye’s Syndrome. I actually died twice on the operating table where the doctors and surgeons who were with me at the time had to place two “monitors” to measure the pressure on my brain which was swelling with fluids. I was in a coma for I think five days, and, to make a very long story short, I feel that with having been in the coma as I was, that’s when my ability to communicate with spirits was more or less brought to my attention. I’ve heard, seen, felt, done, etc., things which make me feel as if I am constantly in touch with others – alive and deceased!!! Will tell you about all those times if you want me to. Another thing which we have in common is our depression and the extent which it has gone to. I, myself, have thought about “doing myself in” quite a few times, but, something has always stopped me. One way I thought of it was the medications I was on to treat my pains, depression, anxiety, and other conditions such as an enlarged heart which I still suffer from,
        today! Since having the Reye’s Syndrome when I did, I’ve suffered with all those and a few more medical conditions (including stuttering which has gradually worsened over the years) but the enlarged heart…at least I don’t think my heart condition was caused by the illness. I had very few
        friends and no boyfriends in school. Am now married, though, and, he is a wonderful man who is able to “put up” with my mood swings and severe depression, and, all the other things which I feel most men wouldn’t dare do!!! Well, I told you I could write a book on my life, and, (LOL!!!)I guess this is part of it I guess! Hopefully, I’ll get a better internet connection one day when I can afford it – if I ever can, that is! When I do get it, I will surely watch all your videos, then! Keep up the good work, Valerie – you are an inspiration to me! LUV YA!!!
        Curtrice – See more at:

  • EErica

    I’ve been watching your videos on youtube over the last two days. I’m so glad I was led to your site. I just ordered all 5 of your books from Amazon…and I’ve set my alarm for 3:50am. Thank you! Keep doing what you doing.

  • cecilia

    I have followed the path of Christ since….well since before I was born into this life. It is the only way for me to explain the things I know and remember. I have always sensed and seen spirits and angels….and the darkside of things. My dreams are always vivid.Trained by Michael, I am always fighting the darkness back and protecting mankind in my dreams. In them, I fight humans and demons alike…and at times can manipulate my surroundings there to my benefit.
    On top of this going on, a dream I had recently made me wonder. In it, I suppose I was a witch of sorts. I casted my circle, and began to call the quarters. I didn’t just call elements. I called to the Archangels, the Guardians of the Watch Towers. Not only did I feel theor presence but they came in all their splendor. From what I know of the Craft, only those well versed and with much power dare to call upon the Guardians of the Watchtowers. I have always believed that magick exists..and a gift from God.
    What do you suppose this could mean??

    • Val Post author

      Hi Love,

      Cecilia, it appears you may have tapped into Enochian Vision Magick. The Angels of the Watchtower are powerful beings of this Magickal order. I recommend the book Enochian Vision Magick by Lon Milo Duquette, the most commprehensive, easy-to-understand, and undertake, book on Enochian Vision Magick, if you’re called in that direction. The link to it is here:

      You are accurate, only very powerful Mages get to work with that order of Angels, not because it’s special, only because it requires an intense amount of preparation, purification and consciousness ascension before one can even get close. These angels are powerful, and as the book states, Enochian Angels ‘bite’ meaning that if you wind up somewhere you’re not supposed to be, you’ll get a nasty bite.

      With that said, keep pressing forward following your Spirit, it knows the way and it seems to me that you are being led in the dream state. Very important to watch what you eat, what you think and how you feel.

      With that said, follow your heart, and know you are protected and guided by Archangel Michael.

      Hearts on Fire,
      Rev. Val

      • cecilia

        Thankyou Val. I really appreciate the insight. This gift of mine runs thru both sides of my family. With my mom, it is on one side. With my dad, it is in both along with everything native american. I will look into the Enochian Vision Magick and hopefully there is someone on this realm who can help guide me. If my dad were still here, he would be.


  • Ivy

    I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for quite some time now, and I’d just like to stop by to say you’ve opened my eyes to being so very blessed! I too was raised in a very strict, fundamentalist Christian home, and had always known I was different. I began practicing Witchcraft several years ago, but always held on to the teachings of Christ. It was very uplifting to hear that I was not the only one who looked to Christ for teachings and wisdom. Thank you for reaching out to all of us!


  • Duncan

    I watched a couple of your vids on UTube, brought to my attention by my friend Jen who has just got free of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Well, thank you for helping her, to start off with. She’s brave and so are you. Actually I kind of made the same journey myself some time ago. When I was in my twenties, I was a follower of an Indian guru known as Guru Maharaj Ji. It was a bit like being in the Witnesses, I think. Anyway it was difficult to break free from that but one thing that helped me a lot was getting a proper university education – not a spiritual education (in the narrow sense anyway) but a secular education. I went to university and studied Sociology, gave up spirituality and became an atheist and Marxist. (In fact I should like to reccomend a book to you: ‘Jaques Lacan’ by Anika Lemaire. If anything could replace religion, I think it is Lacanian psycho-analytic theory. It is extremely profound). On the other hand, while these things were intellectually satisfying, they have never been emotionally satisfying to me. I just accepted this as the cost of freedom, kind of thing. (Some people may infer more from this than I really intend). I guess the main point of this comment is this: I found your UTube videos very positive. You are a beautiful human being, I think – whether or not I agree with everything you believe in isn’t really important. What is important is the positive vibe I get from you and your lovely tone of voice. (As an atheist, you understand, I don’t normally express myself in these terms). I like the idea of being wholly oneself. This is surely true and right. Thanks anyway and good luck!

  • Revenwyn

    I am half white and half Cherokee, and was adopted by a white family when I was eight years old. I grew up in a fundamentalist Christian home. They homeschooled, they were for arranged marriages, I was trained only to be a wife and mother. From as early as eight years old I remember knowing that I was somehow different. I’ve seen angels. I’ve been protected by angels, when I was six and in foster care.

    I have felt energy flood my body and allow me to heal headaches and minor pains of others. The same energy comes to me to calm and soothe suicidal people. I can even do it over the internet. I meditate on peace, joy, love.

    I have had several occasions where I felt as if I were out of my body. Sometimes I would visit a place I had never seen, and recognize that I’d been there when I finally see it.

    I am a lucid dreamer.

    Lately, I have been questioning my spiritual path. I still believe in God and Jesus as the son of God, not just a great teacher. But I find truth in other paths as well.

    I simply cannot accept the idea that God would not let me do these things. I never studied to do them. They just happened. When I found out what I could do, I never really practiced either.

    I have not found a church that I feel comfortable attending, because I am too different from others. I’m not a Muggle (incidentally, I was not allowed to read/watch Harry Potter but I did after I moved out and got married.)

    I am starting to wonder if this is my path, or whether it is even a close fit. I take a liberal interpretation of the New Testament. I don’t reject Paul entirely but I believe that a lot of what he had to say was cultural. But I try to Love God and Love my neighbor. That is my Christianity. What a lot of Christians do to their neighbors does not show love.

    Please let me know what you think. is this my path? Can I adopt the things in it that I can agree with and reject others, or at least put them on hold until I am more comfortable with the idea? Or is my path similar to this but not quite?

    • Val Post author

      Blessings Luv,

      You are definintely NOT a muggle! (-;

      The good news is, you know it.

      It sounds like the real question you are asking is “is it okay for me to be me?”

      The answer is a resounding YES!

      You need no one’s permission to be you, to do what speaks to your Soul, to heed your inner Voice, to follow your heart, to worship the Divine in any way that the Divine draws you, to be who you are, without apology.

      Religion is a construct, a man-made idea. God did not create religion. We did. We must be clear on that. We had a very good reason for creating religion. We wanted to re-link to God, our Source. We somehow felt that this human experience had the tendency to draw our attention away from the Divine, and we wanted to be linked to our Source.

      Hence, we created rituals, prayers and religious orders that, we hoped, would serve the purpose of re-linking us to the Divine, bringing us ‘home’.

      For many, religion does just that, it reminds us of our true home in God, it gives us rituals and rites that remind us to love, to show compassion, to honor God and mankind.

      For some, religion has become a crutch, a reason and an opportunity not to grow. This is not its intended purpose. We are not meant to get stuck in religious ruts.

      For fewer still, religion has become a reason/right to do whatever one wants to do, including killing in the name of God.

      You don’t need religion, though it can be helpful.

      Spirituality, on the other hand, everyone has. We are spiritual beings. Period. If you never went to a church, or a synagogue or a mosque, you would be just as spiritual as you would be if you did.

      Spirituality is universal. It has no bounds. It does not call one person right and the other wrong. There is no measure as to if you’re doing it ‘right’ other than LOVE. LOVE is the supreme law.

      So I side with the Dalai Lama when he expresses that his religion is kindness.

      For me, my religion is kindness, compassion, in a word: LOVE.

      Love couldn’t kill anyone, it never has, and it never will.

      Love doesn’t condemn anyone, it never has, and it never will.

      Love doesn’t judge anyone, it never has, and it never will.

      LOVE IS.

      That’s it.

      As the Witch’s Creed says, ‘do as ye will, yet harm none’.

      Sounds like good living to me.

      Thank you for taking the time to write me, to reach out, and to share your journey with us, and your questions. You are a gift!

      Rev. Val

    • Val Post author

      God bless, thanx for the friend request on Facebook. En-JOY Tarot for Your Self!!!! That book did wonders for my understanding of Tarot, and for integrating it into my life as a spiritual support tool like no other.

      Love from Above,

  • Angela [eaturspiders]

    I love your videos. I don’t follow the same path of Witchcraft as you, but as a fellow Witch I agree with you on many things. I loved your video about Witches and “the devil”. You are an intelligent loving person. Please continue to be you and don’t let anyone change you. Blessed be.

  • Rose

    Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. I found your videos on YouTube and followed the link to your page. I have been struggling with many of the things you touch upon here, and if nothing else, it is so wonderful to know that I am not alone! But beyond that, there is so much here in the way of direction and guidance. Your stories and your honesty have renewed my courage to continue following my own particular path, to become all of who I am. You have touched my soul and guided my spirit with your words and I can only hope that you can feel my gratitude through the sometimes cold and distancing computer screen.

    Love and Bright Blessings,

    Rose Awen

  • Chaqevia

    Greetings Love,
    I appreciate all you stand for. You have confirmed so many of my feelings I can no longer deny the power within. I have been on a journey to find that which is hidden in this 3D realm. Through these experiences I have re-discovered a joy in my heart that allows me to be blessed and aware to recieve. I know your guidance will continue to flow my way as needed. We are returning Mother Earth to her nurturing state with all the love and good vibrations we emit. Thanks for being on the good side.

      • Helen

        Greetings Of Peace,

        I was captavited by your light shining. ever have i heard honesty about ones self. I grew up insecureI have a gift and i know it is all around me. I have dreams that come true. I have warned my family when the dreams come about them. I live in the Maryland area for now,. How can i speak with you?

        Much Love and Respect

        • Val Post author

          Hi Helen,

          Click on the ‘Book Val’ tab above and you can schedule a 20-minute intro session with me.

          Look forward to connecting with you.

      • Helen

        Greetings Of Peace,

        I was captavited by your light shining. ever have i heard honesty about ones self. I grew up insecureI have a gift and i know it is all around me. I have dreams that come true. I have warned my family when the dreams come about them. I live in the Maryland area for now,. How can i speak with you?

        Much Love and Respect

  • Aster

    Your video about being a Christian witch was rather thought provoking. The message was skillfully orated in a clear and composed manner. You seem to believe that Jesus was a magician, in the pure and proper sense of the word, which sounds to me a worthy position to hold.

    Quite often, when I am studying occult type beliefs, I hear people like yourself making claims about communicating with non-human beings. I think you said you’ve come into contact with someone named Arcturis. (Forgive me if I got the name wrong). What I’m dying to know is the method or methods by which you are able to speak with this being. If it’s not too much trouble, could you give me a nudge in the right direction towards enlightenment on this topic of spiritual communication? Feel free to shoot me an email.

    • Val Post author

      Excellent question. First off, I wasn’t actually looking to speak with anyone on the spirit plane when Arcturus ‘appeared’ in my 3rd eye.

      I had been in a deep and intensive spiritual practice of waking up each morning at 4:00 AM, going into a specific prayer practice, following a daily intense ritual (given to me by my teachers in preparation for ministry).

      The most important piece of the puzzle to me is that I had a strong intention and desire to hear from God, and God’s agents, only agents of the Light. I made that request all the time.

      So I’m used to angels and spirit guides, they come to me in my sleep, in dreams and at times when I need to hear from them, or they have a message for me or for someone I love and serve.

      When this being came, it was somewhat of a surprise, even though the ‘circumstances’ were right for contact with spirit beings that are of the Light. The circumstances that facilitate this contact and communication, in a way that’s helpful and supportive, are: PRAYER (when I say prayer I mean FERVENT HEARTFELT PRAYER, some Magicians pray for hours before beginning any Magickal operation), MEDITATION (to ascend consciousness out of the 3rd dimension and lower realms) RITUALS (that ground you in the spiritual practices that keep you in harmony and alignment with the Light) and LOVE (openness without fear, fear and love cannot occupy the same space, so if we’re afraid to hear from spirits, love isn’t there, and that opens us to other energies that are not of the Light).

      That’s a long answer, it’s what I felt led to share.

      Pray it works/helps!!!


      P.S. – I’ll send it to you in an email too…

  • stephen

    Hi im Judah or stephen(wtvr) im a 22 yr old Cherokee/black, a STRONG believer in fate i want to say student but im going through what i hope is a phase. Ive been really depressed. Unlike you In fort lauderdale where i lv now,..ppl are very closed minded. To b honest ive stayed in many states 9 high schools. and this place (for young black men ) is a modern day Gomorrah .Tonight i will thank god for leading me to you.I truly believe that a angel guided me to your channel,…that guided me to this page.Im from va, we moved to Miami when i was 16.As a lil kid in Virginia i was always in the church.Everything was evil “baptist” but my family are Cherokee, my grams was the exception of the baptist.Her mother 100% indian, would see things,predict things ect. She was the only one that said its alright to see these things,I would feel the emotions of ppl around me to the point of shutting down, nobody would play w me ppl just didn’t feel comfortable around me cuz i was really quiet. grams always told me don’t worry its ok to play alone. but i would always over analyze ppl. angels would talk to me as a child i didn’t know it was an angel.I would always see things b 4 they happen, When i got mad chairs would(still) fall over, and sometimes i even get blamed for it until last year my mom never believed me and finally, like 2 months ago it happened in front of everyone in the living room,.(still cant blv that one)That was cray.To some extent now they’re starting to at least look at life differently.I feel like i was to be a warrior for god.After reading the kabbalah. i realized that angels are always here, i love Jesus,practice a neo Wiccan style, Wiccan ritual, but my god is yeshwa bar yaweh. I think modern Christians pay little respect for him. Muslims pray 5 times a day..let me stop my ranting. I wish i could have had a teacher like u a few years i could have cut a lot of evil ppl out.
    We are the few and chosen,im glad to have been blessed by someone like u keep making your vids. MADD love

  • Johnnie

    Love your website, it really reconfirms for me what I have always felt in my heart and mind about the meaning,knowledge and study of metaphysics.I have been born with the innate drive to study and understand self and the science of humanity.In your information and website you have clearly put into words what is a metaphysician for my understanding.In this too is part of a divine plan. I thank you.

    Thank you,